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"Effortlessly Blends Fun and Creative, Never Get Bored with It!" --- Editor's Pick from AppEggs.com on Pencil Sketch

​​Sketch Master - I like that it's very easy to use. Uncomplicated. I think that others will also find this app to be excellent. Two thumbs up!

​​​Pencil Sketch​

  • Pencil Sketch was promoted on NewsWatchTV
  • Pencil Sketch was selected as one of the Intel Android Showcases
  • Dumpling Sandwich became an Intel Software Partner
  • Editor's Pick from AppEggs.com
  • Multiple apps were selected for promotion through App Of The Day.

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Dumpling Sandwich is a Top Developer in Google Play store.

"Water Reflection is a simple to use app to add a new dimension to artistic photos. Simple pleasures that make me smile."

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